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VoWifi Testing


Being a GCF RTO and Field Trials accredited Test House IoTAS is qualified to conduct IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) testing, which is the common service platform for deploying communication services over IP technology (e.g. VoLTE, VoWiFi, ViLTE and RCS).


VoWiFi services are now expected on most smart phones and ‘new-release’ voice/data comms devices. Accordingly manufacturers should be looking to thoroughly test all Voice and WiFi scenarios on different Operator’s SIMs supporting this technology and IoTAS can provide this service.

VoWiFi Testing


IoTAS offer a VoWiFi testing solution to ensure your product complies with all of the criteria outlined by the Global Certification Forum (GCF) as well as an enhanced schedule of tests should this be required.


We have experienced Engineers ready to meet your testing needs, having tested VoWiFi capabilities across major Operator networks in multiple locations. The testing process includes the capture and analysis of protocol and IMS logs for test case validation, defect investigation and performance analysis. With an extensive range of Access Points (AP) IoTAS are able to give comparable results against a device of your choosing, thus ensuring ‘true’ interoperability between WiFi vendors and competitor reference devices.


As an enhancement to the general requirements of the GCF, IoTAS have also developed additional, scalable VoWiFi test plans to meet your needs and to help ensure the interoperability of your device. Top level examples include:


  • VoLTE <-> VoWiFi handovers
  • VoWiFi <-> CS mobility
  • VoWiFi Access Point handling
  • Supplementary services using XCAP and SIP


And specific tests across these scenarios may incorporate:


  • Terminal option: Selection Cellular ‘preferred’
  • Terminal option: Selection VoWiFi ‘preferred’
  • Terminal option: WiFi Calling Mode available
  • Terminal WiFi Calling – Status check
  • Operator Preference & Availability (Cellular)
  • Operator Preference & Availability (VoWiFi)
  • Idle Mode
  • Call Type (MO/MT)
  • Indicators & measurements:
  • MMI: WiFi Signal Strength
  • MMI: Cellular Indication
  • MMI: Initiating Service
  • VoWiFi: Status Type
Please call IoTAS to discuss your VoWiFi testing requirements and learn how we can help you achieve confidence and certification, if required, for your products. Call now on +44 1223 810010.