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VoLTE Testing


Being a GCF RTO and Field Trials accredited Test House IoTAS is qualified to conduct IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) testing, which is the common service platform for deploying communication services over IP technology (e.g. VoLTE, VoWiFi and RCS).


VoLTE and VoWiFi services are now expected on most smart phones and ‘new-release’ voice/data comms devices. Accordingly manufacturers should be looking to thoroughly test all Voice and WiFi scenarios with LTE communications and IoTAS can provide this service.

VoLTE Testing


An extensive set of tests need to be run by a terminal supporting VoLTE to obtain GCF approval. These tests are specified within GCF-CC Annex F5.2 and the test procedures are detailed in Section 90 of GSMA TS.11 Device Field and Lab Test Guidelines. IoTAS have experienced Engineers in multiple locations and can offer a full GCF F5.2 VoLTE test solution for network-configuration dependent (VoLTE), including all supported SRVCC scenarios, and client-to-client (VoC2C) testing.


IoTAS VoLTE Test Plan


Having completed a large number of GCF VoLTE projects, IoTAS have found some aspects of the GCF F5.2 plan could be enhanced, while IoTAS work to do that, IoTAS have developed our own VoLTE solution which goes beyond the requirements of the tests included in the GCF-CC F5.2 by testing additional aspects of VoLTE functionality to ensure better device compliance to GSMA IR.9x documents.


Examples of the areas these additional tests cover are;


Performance (KPI)

  • VoLTE Call Setup KPI (MO & MT)
  • VoLTE Call Stability KPI
  • SRVCC Success Rate KPI (multiple repetitions covering multiple scenarios)
  • Default EPS Bearer Performance during VoLTE Call over Dedicated EPS Bearer KPI



  • Voice and Data interworking
  • Multiple types of MO & MT call scenarios
  • Multiple types of SMS & MMS scenarios
  • Supplementary Services*
  • SRVCC with Supplementary Services*
  • Out Of Coverage
  • Emergency Calls (live N/W – UK and Australia Only)
  • Interworking with Wifi

* Multiple scenarios not covered in GCF-CC F5.2 are tested


In addition to providing a first class testing solution to device manufacturers, IoTAS work with FTQO Networks. Some of this work is testing hand in hand to find test locations, or to capture logs and confirm undesirable behavior that the network wishes to investigate.

IoTAS also feed back some of our own internal benchmarking test results and observation which provide the network with additional information which can help the network improve its VoLTE deployment and VoLTE knowledge base which aids the industry as a whole.


VoLTE Roaming Testing

A number of Network Operators have started enabling VoLTE Roaming services and, accordingly, compatible devices are now being offered on the market.


IoTAS are able to offer VoLTE Roaming test schedules, for both Outbound and Inbound calls with our local engineering support coverage. We are in a great position to help certify devices for this new development and can support your product developments with both GCF and Non-GCF VoLTE Roaming Testing.


IoTAS are now able to execute VoLTE Roaming testing services on the following networks:

  • AT&T USA
  • Verizon USA
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Vodafone Spain


For more detailed information on VoLTE Roaming testing please contact IoTAS on the number below or email information@iotas.co.uk.

Please call IoTAS to discuss your IMS VoLTE testing requirements and learn how we can help you achieve confidence and certification, if required, for your products. Call now on +44 1223 810010.