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Remote Services Virtual Platform

Remote Services Virtual Platform (RSVP)

Remote Services Virtual Platform image

Remote Services Virtual Platform

Following successful live network trials (initiated 2019) IoTAS are now offering an additional service to customers requiring 3GPP related testing but where the projects have complex ‘logistical’ configurations (i.e. relevant qualified/experienced engineers are not available).


It may be that you have an immediate requirement or where rapid deployments are demanded by changing programme timescales. Situations where access or travel is restricted or not even possible are becoming more commonplace and this can lead to a shortfall in available personnel and your ability to complete projects. If, however you have a local person who we could access, then testing maybe able to proceed.


This is where IoTAS can help.


Using a combination of secure, remote access software, audio/visual equipment and remotely installed and configured software tools we can offer testing support for customers, their engineers and technicians offering what we call our Remote Service Virtual Platform (RSVP) solution.


This is inevitably a non-standard, specialised testing solution designed to be deployed only in exceptional circumstances and with complete customer cooperation.

For more information on the IoTAS Remote Services Virtual Platform and how we can assist you with your testing requirements please call IoTAS today on +44 (0)1223 810010 to learn how we can help.