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15 Feb 2018 - Press Release: IoTAS set for exciting first exhibition at Mobile World Congress

Press Release

IoTAS set for exciting first exhibition at Mobile World Congress

Having attended the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry many times over the past years, IoTAS will now have a stand of it’s own and an opportunity to speak with attendees about their testing requirements.

Cambridge, UK – 15th February, 2018 – The message is clear – IoTAS can make your products better.

Kevin Spalding, Operations Director stated, “It’s always been our intention to have a real presence at MWC and as our testing capabilities have never been stronger, our global coverage never wider and our knowledge of low power WAN testing keener, I knew now was the time.”

Kevin went on to say, “Our message is clear… we make your products better! How? By testing your devices, be they handsets, tablets, modules or any other 3GPP to the highest standards and ensuring that their live network capabilities are as designed.”

IoTAS work to exacting standards regulated by the Global Certification Forum (GCF) and UKAS and directed through the GSMA’s TS.11 Field and Lab Test Guidelines. These guidelines detail the tests that should be performed in the course of Field Test and Lab Tests carried out on Terminal Devices (handsets, modules, etc.). Accordingly IoTAS tests across the globe with local resource and deployed field trials engineers.

Kevin will be joined by a 7 person team in Barcelona, including the Operations Director APAC, Simon Lanham. Simon’s Sydney based engineering team have most recently been performing live network testing for CAT M1 on Telstra’s mobile network. Amongst others attending will be representatives from the IoTAS Western European and Northern European regions, sales and marketing staff.

IOT & Approval Solutions Limited (IoTAS) is a specialist wireless device testing company focusing upon live mobile network interoperability. As a certified Global Certification Forum (GCF) Recognised Testing Organisation (RTO) and Assessment Capable Entity (ACE) IoTAS is ideally positioned to provide global testing solutions, regulatory approvals and consultancy to mobile device manufacturers and integrators. Our aim is to support customers in their development activities by helping to make their products better and get them to market faster.

Further information:

Nigel Porter
PR Communications
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Email:    information@iotas.co.uk
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