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Newsletter #17

Newsletter #17 – September 2018

New VoLTE Test Solution

IoTAS have developed a VoLTE test plan that goes beyond the scope of the GCF F5.2 and expands upon the GSMA TS.11. By thoroughly testing your device we can ensure that you are offering your customers a better quality product. IoTAS are capable of capturing and analyzing both protocol and IMS logs, for test case validation, defect investigation and performance analysis. Examples of the areas we cover within our test plan are:

  • Registration
  • In Call Supplementary Services
  • CS Functionality after SRVCC
  • SMS over IP interworking
  • VoLTE-CS Call interworking
  • Long Call Stability

We have experienced Engineers ready to meet your testing needs. For more information on our VoLTE services contact us


Consultancy Services and Technical Support


IoTAS are now offering consultancy and technical support services covering:

  • Local technical support and testing solutions
  • IoTAS can replicate or complete testing on an adhoc basis
  • Turn on / off solution where you are only charged for the time used
  • Drive testing and SIM rental options are also available

These solutions are currently available in Australia, Japan and the UK. To learn more about consultancy and technical support services contact us here

Carrier Aggregation Testing

Since first deployments of Carrier Aggregation (CA) in 2010, IoTAS have acquired significant experience in testing the feature on up to 4 carriers aggregated in various configurations: intra-band contiguous and non-contiguous and inter-band. IoTAS actively update our drive routes to capture locations for as many CA combinations as possible, however this can be restricted to what you are allocated by the network. IoTAS have experience testing Carrier Aggregation in Europe, USA and APAC.

Performance testing is conducted in live network environment against a commercial reference device. Also, IoTAS utilize  high performance servers to reach maximum data throughput rate in UDP or TCP, enabled by Carrier Aggregation.

To learn more about our CA services click here.

For more information about IoTAS please get in touch.