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Newsletter #14

Newsletter #14 – February 2018

New VoLTE Test Solution

IoTAS offers a full VoLTE testing solution to ensure your product complies with all of the criteria outlined by the Global Certification Forum (GCF). IoTAS have also developed a VoLTE test plan, which goes beyond the scope of the GCF too thoroughly test the device and give you a high level of confidence that the device is functioning as expected. Examples of the areas these additional tests cover are;   Functionality

  • Registration*
  • In Call Supplementary Services*
  • CS Functionality after SRVCC*
  • SMS over IP interworking
  • VoLTE-CS Call interworking

Multiple scenarios not covered in GCF-CC F5.2 are tested

IoTAS are capable of capturing and analyzing both protocol and IMS logs, for test case validation, defect investigation and performance analysis. We have experienced Engineers ready to meet your testing needs. For more information on our VoLTE services contact us here.

IoTAS Offer Open Market and MVNO Testing

Recently there has been a big increase of Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO), which has increased competition with Mobile Network Operators (MNO).

It’s important to test open market handsets with a wide variety of MVNO SIM cards to ensure a good end user experience.

IoTAS have developed a solution which covers  a wide range of SIM card types, operators and network features to maximise test coverage. The DUT is assessed, whilst on the live network, against a known reference device which has been approved by the MNO (or MVNO if available). If you would like to know more about Open Market and MVNO Testing contact us here.

Network Intelligence

IoTAS has a vast data base; which details the technologies and frequency bands, supported by network operators. Network features are recorded such, as VoLTE, VoWiFi, NB-IoT and also the manufacturer of the network operators equipment. If you are looking to develop a test strategy on the live network which tests all of your products features on different infrastructures then why not contact us here.


IoTAS complete GCF NB-IoT Testing on Band 5 in the Vodafone Lab in Newbury, UK

IoTAS would like to thank the Vodafone Lab in the UK for the support given in the UKAS NB-IoT Field Trial testing. IoTAS are the first GCF RTO to complete NB-IoT testing on Band 5 in the Vodafone UK Lab. Vodafone’s IoT lab, located in Newbury, is part of the GSMA Mobile IoT Initiative (Open IoT Labs). For more information on the NB-IoT solutions IoTAS offer please click here.

Last chance to book a Meeting

IoTAS have had a phenomenal response to meeting requests and, with only two weeks to go, have only got a few formal meeting slots left – but you’ll always be able to come and chat on our stand. So if you would like to come and discuss your requirements – we’re not a ‘hard sell’ outfit –  then just drop us a line or click on the button below and we’ll set something up. We’re looking forward to seeing you; we’re looking forward to making your products better! IoTAS – Hall 7, Stand 7E15.

For more information about IoTAS please get in touch.