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Newsletter #09

Newsletter #09 – November 2016

IoTAS Offers LTE Receiver Performance Benchmarking Services

The high data speeds that mobile subscribers experience with LTE can be largely attributed to its spectral efficiency, sophisticated packet scheduling for multiple users by the RAN (Radio Access Network), transmission techniques such as MIMO (Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output), and the increasing availability of Carrier Aggregation. The receiver is critical to the user rates that can be achieved, and the performance of a highly capable baseband modem can be undermined by that of an inadequate receiver. IoTAS have developed an internal solution to benchmark the performance of Qualcomm based LTE receivers using our own internal log post-processing tool which can characterise the receiver performance of devices under different physical channel configurations. To learn more about LTE Receiver Performance Benchmarking services, including additional features IoTAS plan to implement click here.

IoTAS Job Vacancies

IoTAS are looking for “Field Test Technicians” and “Graduate Engineers” to add to our UK Engineering team. If you would like to learn more about this role or other roles available at IoTAS click here.

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