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IoTAS Remote Support Service

IoTAS Remote Support Service

IoTAS are a global operation offering wireless testing services across the continents.


Due to changes in global working practices, encompassing both environmental concerns and Covid19, IoTAS are pursuing a different approach to answering some of our customers needs when it comes to performing certain tests in different global locations.


The solution is for IoTAS to draw upon the skills and abilities of ‘local’ individuals to help us to respond to urgent requirements or ‘harder to access’ locations; Individuals who are available at short notice and who could provide short term testing support.


We acknowledge that potential candidates may have concerns with performing any testing on our behalf, but we will support our remote workers through live video calls, etc., instructing them on what they should be doing. The testing will be limited to simple, straightforward and often repetitive tasks.



  • Technical Competence & Skills – ideally good IT skills and ‘user’ experience of smart phone technology.
  • An ability to follow instructions
  • Own PC (not Apple)
  • English Language
  • Suitable Broadband (>10mbps)
  • Availability at short notice
  • Secure storage of equipment (locked drawer/container)
  • Suitable testing environment, such a quiet room
  • Possibility for Drive Testing support (with a driver)


We would be interested in hearing from eligible candidates in regard to this ‘switch on/switch off’ opportunity.


In return we would offer competitive rates of pay, paid directly into your bank or nominated account upon completion of the activity.


If you would like to discuss this opportunity please complete and send email web-enquiry@iotas.co.uk or use the form below:

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    For more information about IOTAS then please study our website for the range of services that we offer.