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IoTAS to attend ‘Partnering for Success’ Event

23 Dec 2019 - IoTAS to attend ‘Partnering for Success’ Event


IoTAS Operations Director, Kevin Spalding, will be attending the Cambridge Wireless event: Partnering for Success‘ on the 17th March 2020.

Finding the right channel and strategic partnerships will make or break a company in today’s hypercompetitive environment. But how can you identify the right channel for your sales and marketing efforts? What might be the best partnerships for you to leverage? And ultimately, are you investing your resources effectively, or could a different partnership engagement approach boost your return on investment?

In this free evening event, speakers from multidisciplinary backgrounds will cover:

  • How to establish Product-Market Fit
    How to then identify Product-Channel Fit
    How to create a powerful Partnership Programme, looking at:
    The lessons of why some brands have won big, while others have failed
    An overview of the types of partnerships you should consider
    How to set up a partnership engagement
    How to build and launch a successful partnership programme

The event is hosted by GeoSpock.


Start time/date: 17:00 – 17th March 2020

End time/date: 19:30 – 17th March 2020

Venue: Saint Andrew’s House, St Andrew’s Rd, Cambridge, Cambridge CB4 1DL