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IoTAS to attend ‘EMC – Avoiding the nightmare’

12 Nov 2018 - IoTAS to attend ‘EMC – Avoiding the nightmare’


Beth Spalding, Business Administrator, will be attending the Cambridge Wireless event ‘EMC – Avoiding the nightmare‘.


Reliable radio communication devices are essential in today’s world.  It is vital that multiple systems can operate without mutual interference, and this is the aim of design for Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).  Good EMC engineering begins with the design concept and should not be a matter of applying fixes to a complete device that failed to meet specification because of spurious emissions, internal crosstalk, or susceptibility to interference from another device.  EMC is designed in, not tested out.


Start time/date: 10:30 – 4th December 2018
End time/date: 16:00 – 4th December 2018
Venue: The Bradfield Centre, 184 Science Park, Milton Road, CB4 0GA