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IoTAS to attend ‘Designing low power IoT’

16 May 2019 - IoTAS to attend ‘Designing low power IoT’


Beth Spalding, IoTAS Sales & Business Support will be attending the Cambridge Wireless event: ‘Designing low power IoT’ on the 4th July 2019.

Many IoT end devices need to be compact and run from a battery. In these cases, the battery life needs to be many years to avoid regular replacement becoming a major part of the cost of operation. How do you design a system so it can run for years or even decades from a restricted power source?

In this meeting, experienced practitioners of this type of system design will talk about suitable approaches, and perhaps reveal some of their battle-scars in gaining this experience!

Delegates will explore:

  • How often you can afford to send data
  • How often you can listen in order to receive configuration data or new software
  • How to implement an appropriate level of security without relying on communication with trust centres or intensive cryptographic processing

The event is hosted by PwC (Technology).


Start time/date: 14:00 – 4th July 2019

End time/date: 17:00 – 4th July 2019

Venue: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, The Maurice Wilkes Building, St John’s Innovation Park, Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0DS