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IoTAS to attend CW Event – Smart Devices of 2025

26 Mar 2018 - IoTAS to attend CW Event – Smart Devices of 2025

Kevin Spalding, Operations Director – Global at IoTAS will be attending the Cambridge Wireless Event: Smart Devices of 2025.

“The smartphone is truly a marvel of technology; these devices have connected us and allowed us to connect with each other and beyond like never before. They are not just a communication device, but a myriad of gadgets in each of our hands.

However, these devices are still far from perfect. Improvements in every aspect, complemented by greater advancements in technology, have the potential to create further revolutionary devices that will continue to significantly change our behavior and way of thinking.”

The CW Future Devices & Technologies Group

This CW event sponsored and hosted by Amazon Cambridge Development Center will explore radical ideas for the devices of the future and their impact on our lives.

Start date/time: 27th March 2018 10:00
End date/time: 27th March 2018 16:45
Venue: Amazon, 1 Station Square, Cambridge CB1 2GA

CW Link: https://www.cambridgewireless.co.uk/events/smart-devices-2025/