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IoTAS to attend ‘5G in Healthcare’

24 Oct 2019 - IoTAS to attend ‘5G in Healthcare’


IoTAS Operations Director, Kevin Spalding, will be attending the Cambridge Wireless event: 5G in Healthcare‘ on the 12th November 2019.

5G promises not only increased bandwidth, but also low latency (increased responsiveness) and an ability to integrate with a host of devices attached to the network. In principle it can deliver total digital connectivity from the carrier network to the customer, completely wirelessly.

But what does 5G mean for the healthcare industry? And most importantly, how will it improve the delivery of healthcare to patients?

Once all of 5G’s components are fully deployed and operational, it is set to have a transformative impact on healthcare. This conference will explore some of the issues, challenges and implications of 5G in Healthcare.

The event is hosted by Plextek.


Start time/date: 13:30 – 12th November 2019

End time/date: 17:00 – 12th Novemeber 2019

Venue: The Nucleus, Chesterford Research Park, Little Chesterford, Saffron Walden, CB10 1TS