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IoTAS Previous Testing Locations

IoTAS – Previous Testing Locations

IoTAS Previous Testing Locations (Zoomable Map)

IoTAS have provided Global Field Test services across the globe for almost 20 years, across all of the habitable continents.

Here is a map to give visitors an idea as to where we have been, executing testing programs for our customers.

Our approach to live network testing is unique in the Industry and fundamentally has remained unchanged across the years. We believe in using local resource where we can to ensure ease of deployment, reduced communication issues and facilitating the procurement of often required support items, such as SIMs and transport.

As can been seem, from the location map above, we have provided 3GPP related wireless testing extensively, especially in the European, East Asian and American regions but also in places such as Santiago (Chile) and Reykjavik (Iceland).

The benefits to our customers include:


  • Localised language and cultural support
  • Localised expertise and network knowledge
  • Flexible testing solutions
  • Short notice mobilsation



To find out more about our local solutions and live network testing click here.

IoTAS can supply local Live Network Testing solutions for Customers looking at Global testing scenarios. With our network of local solution providers IoTAS can deliver worldwide testing programs for cellular device manufacturers seeking conformance and certification. Please call us today to begin your global cellular testing program.