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IoTAS UK - 3GPP Cellular Testing Solutions including Approvals and Certification in the Western Europe Region

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IoTAS are able to offer LATAM cellular testing services through an industry strength partnership with a leading service supplier based in Mexico.


This tried, tested and trusted relationship enables us to extend all of our current services to the Latin American region, with localised support in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. And coordinated from our Partner’s office in Mexico the additional LATAM countries of Argentina, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Peru can be supported with quickly mobilised, non-local engineering resource.


With the combination of the Mexico partnership, IoTAS HQ support and fast response, cross region ‘localised’ engineering support, we are able to project manage your LATAM testing requirements and deliver quality oriented results.


As an example of the services available in the region the following table indicates the LATAM Mobile Network Operators through which we can offer ‘Approval’ testing services:

* Local resource available (all other locations serviced by IoTAS (LATAM) engineering support) – pub: May 2018

Obtaining formal approval for terminal devices to be accepted on Mobile Network infrastructures is never straight forward. Pre-testing is key to the development process prior to launch but approvals can be difficult to achieve or even instigate. As MNOs own and control the delivery of mobile services including radio spectrum, infrastructure, billing, CS, etc., anyone wishing to achieve approval must demonstrate a fully compliant, compatible and quality assured device.


Whether it’s drive testing in Mexico, Module testing in Argentina, KPI testing in Honduras or MNVO approvals in Brazil; The IoTAS LATAM service can respond to your 3GPP Cellular test requirements.


As an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Test House, IoTAS will ensure that your programs are executed and delivered to the highest standards of testing and certification.


IoTAS LATAM Region in conjunction with IoTAS EMEA are able to offer customers a full service, one-stop-shop solution to their 3GPP wireless testing requirements through the following services:




Local Address (IoTAS Partner): Operational  Address:


Mexico Office

LATAM Region

Initial Contact Details:

☏ +44 1223 810010
✉ information@iotas.co.uk



EMEA Headquarters

4 Quy Court, Colliers Lane

Cambridge CB25 9AU

United Kingdom

☏ +44 1223 810010
✉ information@iotas.co.uk

For advice and consultation, program planning and delivery, accurate, quality oriented reports and certification call IoTAS LATAM Region for your 3GPP cellular testing requirements on +44 1223 810010.


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