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IoTAS COVID-19 Statement May 1st 2020


Updated: May 1st, 2020


Further to our previous COVID-19 statement we wanted to update our visitors on our situation and how we are continuing to remain productive, supporting our existing, valued customers and also responding to new requests from the global business community.


We are maintaining safe working conditions with all IoTAS employees focused upon adhering to localised health guidelines, thus ensuring the minimum risk of infection and spread of this disease.


We continue to provide localised live network testing, currently challenging many manufacturers due to the lock down of both individuals and travel, flights, etc. Using a combination of local resource and couriers/postal services for the additional safe distribution of user equipment, modules and other devices we are confident that we can continue testing and deliver to agreed timescales. We also have the ability to offer Turn On/Turn Off services depending upon the project requirements.


As a direct result of these local service solutions, we are also indirectly supporting the local governments through the payment of critically needed taxes, which in turn are funding the on-going support of local businesses as well as the funding given to their Health Service providers. This has never been more important.


If you have any concerns regarding ongoing or future programs, or wish to discuss how we may be able to support your live network testing requirements in order to achieve your business objectives then please contact us.


Many thanks and keep safe.

For more information about IoTAS and our services please get in touch.