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IoTAS And The GCF – Certified Test Solutions

IoTAS is unique in being the UK’s longest trading independent Recognised Test Organisation (RTO) for interoperability testing, against the requirements of the Global Certification Forum (GCF), as well as a Third Party Assessment Capable Entity (ACE).


The GCF is an independent certification scheme for mobile phones and wireless devices that are based on 3GPP standards. All device testing associated with GCF Certification must be Global Certification Forum (GCF) logoundertaken by an RTO and the RTO accreditation identifies GCF Members that have demonstrated they possess the experience, qualifications and systems to assess mobile phones and wireless devices against the GCF’s Certification Criteria.


IoTAS is a founder member of the Global Certification Forum (GCF) Ltd and actively participates in the GCF Field Trial Agreement Group (FTAG) responsible for developing and maintaining criteria for Field Trial test scenarios. IoTAS also regularly attend the Conformance Agreement Groug (CAG) and Steering Group (SG) meetings held in different locations, worldwide, during the year, as well as actively contributing to the GCF’s Manufacturer Membership & Certification Practices (MMCP) task force.


Please click on the following links to learn more about how IoTAS provides GCF Certification services:


IoTAS will test your devices against GCF specified certification requirements to ensure your products meet the interoperability standards required for network approval. Call now to discuss how we can help on +44 1223 810010.