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Consultancy, Design and Technical Support

Consultancy, Design And Technical Support Services

Established in 2003, with headquarters in Cambridge (UK) and offices across the globe, providing regional support, IoTAS has gained an enviable reputation for quality and professionalism. The company’s executive team has extensive experience working for leading manufacturers and test houses with hands-on knowledge in handset design, approvals management and field testing.

Accordingly IoTAS is ideally positioned to provide Consultancy and Technical Support to the wireless community, with a specialisation on 3GPP Cellular device testing and associated solutions.


Drawing upon our skills and experience, Global network knowledge and certification delivery, we are able to offer the assurance of the very highest consultation and solution provision.

Consultation support covers, but is not limited to:


Compliance and Regulatory Services

IoTAS can offer consultation for those companies seeking CE compliance certification. We have successfully managed numerous RED approval processes, delivering a full consultation & program delivery service for customers wishing to achieve this standard, including harmonisation management.

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Bespoke Program Design and Delivery

When customers are unsure of the route they wish to take regarding Network Approvals and Certification, the amount of testing required and what are the most economic ‘routes to market’,  IoTAS  can guide you to a solution.

Our knowledge and experience with support laboratories allows us to propose the most suitable labs to complete the additional/associated RF, EMC and Safety testing.  We are able to offer a ‘fully’ project managed solution.

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Product Certification with the GCF

It can be a daunting prospect to contemplating formal certification for your new or existing 3GPP devices and this where IoTAS can offer the very best consultation, guidance and solutions being the UK’s only independent Recognised Test Organisation (RTO) for interoperability testing in accordance with requirements of the GCF.

We are also a GCF Assessment Capable Entity (ACE) formally giving us the ability to specify to the range of tests we deem appropriate of certification and assess the test results. This service if only available to customers who are GCF Associate Manufacturers.

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Burgeoning Technologies

We are on the brink of a new dawn in cellular mobile communications with the onset of 5G, fifth generation networks and devices. The testing standards, currently being draw up by the GSMA (TS 11)  and GCF activities to create Field Trial specifications, will in turn produce vital new testing services offered by IoTAS. The first live 5G non-standalone networks rolled out in 2019 and we are expecting a revolution in device connectivity as standalone 5G is deployed globally, along with enhanced data volume transmissions and the development of new applications.

And we are not just limiting ourselves to conventional handset, device and chipset testing services. An example of this recent example: satellite ground station

If you are developing devices or, for that matter, applications specifically designed for the 5G revolution then get in touch with IoTAS now to start your cellular testing discussions.


Network & Device Manufacturer Introductions

Over the years IoTAS has built up an enviable relationship with Network Operators across the continents and, leveraging upon our Network Intelligence database, existing and past contacts and in depth market awareness we can consult on and convene mutually beneficial Manufacturer/Operator meetings to build new business relationships.

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Engineering Design & Support

As part of our expanding service and support portfolio, leveraging key industry partnerships, IoTAS are now able to assist with your RF product development programs.

Specifically aimed at the SME market, and with a focus on IoT technologies, we can facilitate engineering design and support for Cellular, Satellite and other wireless developments.

Combined with our other services, including regulatory and conformance, operator approvals and network certification testing, IoTAS can offer complete, one-stop-solution provision.

Technical Support

In addition to offering consultancy to new and potential customers IoTAS is also able to provide Technical Support, a chargeable service, allowing customers the ability to request technical support and ask technical questions that would usually fall outside any concurrent customer program.


Knowledge empowers success

Utilising the vast depth of knowledge held at IoTAS, alongside the core information resource (the IoTAS Network Intelligence Database) we are able to respond and support all related queries within our field of expertise. Examples of areas covered are:

  • The technologies and frequency bands supported by Network Operators
  • The type of Infrastructure (Manufacturer)
  • Carrier Aggregation combinations
  • The features supported i.e. VoLTE, VoWiFi across networks
  • Etc..

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Fault Analysis

Another technical support service that IoTAS can offer is a greater level of fault analysis where issues occur during Customer device testing. As standard Customers will be provided with recorded failures against set testing parameters and the associated log files detailing the issue instances. However, some Customers have benefited from a more detailed analysis of issues that have occurred during testing, including in-depth log reviews, operational observations, general performance (potential improvements) and balanced feedback based upon years of experience in testing and handling handsets, modules and terminal devices. Whilst this is ‘technically’ more a consultative process IoTAS would categorise and deliver this as technical support.


Technical Resource

IoTAS are able to provide network specific drive test routes covering EMEIA, APAC and other regions. The routes are checked by the IoTAS Engineering team to ensure the information captured is accurate and maintained using our Network Intelligence Database. The Test Routes incorporate GCF specific routes; network operator infrastructure requirements; technology/frequency band information; L/M/H velocity and urban, dense and mixed test routes; test routes in specific locations to test particular features, such as CA.

IoTAS can supply of drive test vehicles, drivers and engineering support equipment such as inverters, etc. allowing you the freedom to test whilst being driven on your specified drive routes.

IoTAS are able to offer SIM card hire for networks within the EMIEA, APAC, USA, etc. in Micro or Nano form factors (Mini form factor may be available upon request) and with service packages offering Data only, Voice and Data and on 3G/4G. SIM features can include call barring, call forwarding, call waiting, call Hold, Multiparty, etc. as standard and VoLTE, VoWiFi, etc. access (assuming compliant handset).

IoTAS also have an extensive range of reference handsets available to support customer programs.

What is most appealing to our Customers is that all of the above support services can be offered as a ‘Local Support – Turn On / Turn Off’ solution, reducing the cost of logistics, flights, accommodation, language barriers, etc. and enabling swift engagement with qualified engineers.

IoTAS is a founder member of the Global Certification Forum (GCF) Ltd, and is the UK’s only independent Recognized Test Organization (RTO) for GCF field trials / IOP testing and an Assessment Capable Entity (ACE).


The company is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory to the international standard ISO/IEC 17025 (Accreditation No. 7619) which demonstrates technical competence and the ability to produce precise and accurate test data.

IoTAS offer consultation and technical support for your 3GPP cellular device and systems development. Call today to find out how we can help on +44 1223 810010