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Regulatory / Type Approvals

Regulatory / Type Approvals

IoTAS have the necessary experience and skills to provide device manufacturers with a complete Test & Approvals Management service to ensure that their products achieve the required industry conformance approvals.

An often complex and time consuming activity, the strictly governed and often ‘country specific’ formal Approvals process can be a daunting task for device manufacturers with little expertise in this area.

Leveraging our experience, skill set, business relationships and connections we can supply a complete test and management service with the end result of regulatory compliance.

Accordingly IoTAS shall provide the following activities to ensure success:

  1. Work closely with the Customer to identify which Approvals are required for their product.
  2. Agree pre-testing and testing phases to ensure potential issues are highlighted and addressed, thus avoiding delays in final approvals testing and ‘time to market’.
  3. Review all specifications to ensure the requirements are fully understood.
  4. Look at internal test capability to allow as much pre-testing to be completed as possible.
  5. Review and advise on ‘country specific’ regulatory approval requirements.
  6. Understand customer acceptance requirements and network operator requirements.
  7. Review industry forum requirements such as GCF / PTCRB / Wi-Fi Alliance® / Bluetooth® SIG
  8. Select appropriate, trusted test facilities for pre and formal testing:
    • Options are available for test facilities with fault analysis services; Often a better solution than lower cost, ‘results only’ providers.
    • Off-shore testing can be a more economical route if the device under test is not subject to security limitations or of a commercially sensitive classifications.
  9. Formal submission for the required regulatory requirements.
  10. Manage and support the formal testing phase.


Once testing is completed the results and other supporting documentation, forming the approval application are submitted by IoTAS, in electronic format, to the selected Certified Body/Notified Body. This Technical Compliance Folder will usually contain information such as:

  • Test reports
  • Bill of materials (BOM)
  • Circuit diagrams
  • Product CE/Conformance Labels, positioning, etc.
  • User Guides
  • Other such supporting documentation


Once approval has been achieved, IoTAS are able to present the Declaration of Conformity to the Customer which, in turn, allows the attachment of a certification mark (or conformity mark) on the device which clearly indicates the existence of the accepted product standard and verification that compliance has been achieved.

If you are looking to get regulatory approval for your device, or simply trying to get a better understanding of what would be required were you to go down this route then IoTAS are ideally positioned to advise you and, where required, coordinate and manage testing schedules and document approval submissions in order to achieve the appropriate declaration of conformity.

Please call IoTAS today if you are looking to achieve wireless certification mark accreditation on +44 1223 810010.