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Agents & Franchises

IoTAS Agent and Franchise opportunities

For many years IoTAS has lead the Live Network/Cellular testing marketplace with the delivery of quality solutions for the likes of Manufacturers, Operators and device/module fabricators. Our successes have resulted in a wide network of Customers and connections but we are aware that in the age of digital communication there are many more global opportunities we would wish to engage with and support.

Whilst IoTAS is a global sales brand, in so much as we have offices and representation in 5 of the 7 continents, we are always looking for like minded, quality driven, dedicated ‘test professionals’ who would be interested in working with us to offer localised, quick response support.

Two opportunities that you may wish to consider are:

Agent Opportunities

In order to help maximise the potential of your business knowledge and networked connections, we are offering Agent Agreements to individuals or businesses who wish to take a share in the revenues offered by working with IoTAS.

You will probably have your finger on the pulse of the cellular marketplace and be aware of up an coming test requirements but unable to offer your own solution. Acting as our Agent you will be able to promote our services, confident in the knowledge that we will respond with competitive quotes in a highly responsive manner.

Qualification for acceptance as an IoTAS approved Agent will be assessed and the discussed with you, resulting in the formal signing of an Agents Agreement.

If you’d like further information on Agent opportunities with IoTAS please e-mail information@iotas.co.uk.

Franchise Opportunities

The IoTAS Franchise opportunity is a new business offering.

You will be aware of opportunities within the Cellular technologies field and are looking to offer test solutions but need the formal certification framework, knowledge and approach to offer your potential customers the confidence the demand.

As an IoTAS Franchise you will be empowered to offer test solutions with the tried and tested, winning formula IoTAS has used for many years.

As an IoTAS Franchise operator your will:

  • Receive Training on certification methodology
  • Be supplied with all appropriate forms required for testing
  • Be provided with network intelligence from the IoTAS database to enable you to formulate quotes
  • Be Given pricing guides and rate cards to assist with your quotations
  • Have the technical back-up from IoTAS to ensure success
  • Be able to offer GCF testing solutions (IoTAS parent to qualify results)
  • Be given sales leads appropriate to your Franchise location

If you’d like further information on the Franchise opportunities with IoTAS please e-mail information@iotas.co.uk.

If you are interested in becoming an IoTAS Agent or Franchisee then please contact us as soon as possible so we may discuss opportunities…